A New Democratic Process

Assemble America

Partison politics is driving us off a cliff

More Americans than ever feel that our system of government needs dramatic change.

The founders of the United States believed that self-government is an ongoing experiment. Each generation is called to make our country more free, fair, and prosperous. If we see problems, we should fix them—just as they did.

It’s time for everyday Americans to have a bigger say in how we run our lives.

Citizens’ Assemblies are the medicine we must prescribe—a bold, powerful, dynamic way to turn things around.


By restoring trust and building unity, Citizens’ Assemblies allow us to work as one to achieve our goals.


By entrusting crucial decisions into our own hands, Citizens’ Assemblies allow We the People to safeguard liberty and uphold our freedoms.


By giving voice to people often overlooked, Citizens’ Assemblies allow us to respect the dignity of all and care for those in need.


By putting government and citizens in the same room to talk, Citizens’ Assemblies allow us to strengthen authority and enhance accountability.


By an open process and equal participation, Citizens’ Assemblies allow us to right wrongs and make our country more fair.


By articulating what’s best in America and uplifting our country’s sacred truths, Citizens’ Assemblies allow us to shape the future while remaining faithful to our past.

Timothy Powell

Creative Director

Lisa R. Boone

PPC Ninja

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